The term “harass” and the gagging of tenants, journalists and bloggers

Weblight Studio has offered the writing desk to some new writers for a while. He will retain the Weblight Studio Journal for his art. We will continue to provide news of his passage through the world.

On 23-Apr-2018 the following orders were made in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal and sent to the Weblight Studio home desk.

1. The Tribunal is satisfied that Tenant breached Section 92 of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 on 23 October 2017,.
2. In the exercise of its discretion the Tribunal declines to terminate the tenancy agreement.
3. The Tenant must comply with the terms of residential tenancy agreement by not threatening, abusing, intimidating or harassing any employee or contractor of the landlord
2. If these orders are not complied with by the tenant then: at any time before 23-Oct-2018 the landlord may request the re-listing of this application to determine whether the tenancy should be terminated.

For Mr Finney and Member Moss the term harass is a very dangerous one to someone who publishes online stories. They tried very hard to prevent the word being included. There is no equal provision against the companies. It means that they can attack, demean or endanger the person in question and if he complains or writes about it in his journal he may be understood to be harassing employees. The employees include Mr White against whom significant complaints can be tailored and also refer to incidents such as the provision of security guards and witnesses to stop FaCS staff verballing the tenant. In their supplied evidence FaCS staff suggested the supply of the security guard by the tenant was to intimidate them. It is rubbish but enough to constitute the need for further defense in the tribunal if the tenant is again forced to use something like security guards. He feels it is certainty. If the tenant tries to get assistance to stop the harassment by FaCS and Spotless and MNI Electrospark he may be seen to be harassing them. It is a very serious position for a blogger to be in.

This situation will be taken to other bloggers and journalists by the new writing team. We will ask if you agree to be bound like this. It will be taken to various tenant’s groups and they will be asked if they agree to be so gagged. We believe the other writers will come and carry the flame at times

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