New Developments

After the housing representative removed the smoke alarm and after Steve released a Weblight Studio Journal post discussing his difficulty with airborne chemicals, and the importance of clean air, some one has soaked the fence-line behind the apartment with quite a few liters of gasoline. The strong smell is making him ill but worse it may be a failed attempt to fire bomb this or another apartment.

The police were called a while back. They came and couldn’t find a source but agreed the fumes were strong but it is the fumes of kerosene. Weblight Studio has been taking flack from certain people here Weblight Studio refuses to discount it as directed at him.

Housing were called on the vandalism line and gave him an event number.

The fumes are strong in his apartment most of the time and will have to be worrying the other people along the apartment complex who are also vulnerable.

Here Steve takes over the keyboard.

The police are about as much good as a crocheted condom. Standing behind five apartments and  in front of a steel fence in a spot that only a few can even access they brought up a mysterious gardener who has chosen to control the plants with bloody kerosene. Give me a break! The only other likely access, and the most likely, is by the property dwellers on the other side of the fence. There is no other access for a mysterious and unknown community gardener unless some one has purposely invaded that little world for the purposes of vandalizing us. It cannot be accessed randomly or easily!

If a back fence neighbor has poured kerosene along the fence after painting or something in this amount they have broken the law and they cannot hide! Or they can because the cops just wander about scratching their arses and wander off as though they dont know it is illegal. Goddammit I hate this place.

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