All about Community Outrage

More than a decade ago the Weblight Studio Journal was started to record creative efforts coming out of the newly registered Weblight Studio. It would have some art and anything interesting that happened to the handicapped and rather impoverished artist.

It turns out that people below a certain income level, or maybe all of us, lurch from abuse to abuse. The more handicapped you are the more outraged and determined abusers become as you stand up to them.

The problem is theĀ  abusers are only rarely junkies or criminals. In the main they are the unexpected ones. They are the ones a handicapped and poor tenant of government housing should be looking at for security and support. Many of them are important people and they are not happy having their ill-treatment of a handicapped man recorded.

These stories are posted with the actual details. Sometimes they are posted by Weblight Studio but after the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal created an orderĀ  limiting his ability to record what is happening several other writers have become anonymous recorders of his story