After the Letter, The Phone Call

Let us begin with one simple outstanding fact we have been unable to avoid as we entered more deeply into the resident’s life. NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal is not a suitable body with appropriate processes to be entrusted with the welfare of vulnerable residents. The police are not appropriate people to treat mental health issues on behalf of government departments. Property managers in charge of housing the poor and confused should be better educated than the people they are abusing and in some form of sociological subject

It did not escape our notice that several times during the production of the letter in the previous entry our resident became almost incoherent from exhaustion and had to claw his way back to finish the document at all. It was discussed extensively by the writers how the organization he was trying to get assistance from expected an office quality approach and never once gave any thought to the terrible toll it was taking on him. He should be placing all his energy into keeping above the cruel stomach illness which has added itself to his other conditions as well as working through the process required to restart disability services.

One mistake anywhere through the process of a applying to the tribunal would not only ruin the chance of getting a hearing, it would leave him even more exposed to abuse. There is no doubt NCAT representatives approve of the behavior by FACS. The mistakes he faces later in the stories are “forced” incidents and we would allege NCAT has been the cause of a missing letter about a hearing date. We know it didn’t turn up at the apartment because our resident has been enthusiastically keeping us informed and there are motion sensitive videos recording the mail box. At least one of the writers has suggested the resident go to publish the incidents fully and publicly as the organizations NCAT FACS and the Anti_Discrimination Board are too treacherous to be of any use to anyone without substantial resources.


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