Dunlop, Andrew. Doctor Ophthalmologist. Hamilton NSW. An Open Letter

Dear Doctor Dunlop,

I was delighted to visit you at your Hamilton offices a second time. After the way you seemed to be triggered I thought you would avoid allowing me a second appointment. Particularly when you did not hold back from indicating you suspected every sentence I uttered was a lie

I have thought deeply on the things you said and gave extra thought where you turned away and muttered behind your hand. You may be excited to discover I decided on a course of action regarding a future meeting.

It may be safer to avoid another meeting with you. I am sure you and your staff will be relieved. One day you may wish to explain which of the many buttons my name and personality press caused you to be so violently triggered.

I find it difficult to put my eyeballs into the hands of a person who allows some part of his diagnosis to be informed by a one-off conversation on a chat show pod-cast.

Your stance on that condition is disturbing. You seem unable to understand such a condition must exist despite the factors which cause it being easily tested and unavoidable. The sense it should be clear even to stupid people causes me to view the possibility you would have metal tools close to my eyeballs with some dread.

I have decided to forego risking my vision with another appointment

Thank you so much for your time

Bateau Bay. The Entrance Road Ovals
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